Level 1 in each Terminal is arrivals level, and all of them provide customer service desks and elevators/escalators. New pedestrian bridges connect Terminal 2, 3, 4, and garages. Terminal 2 has a staffed business center with baggage storage in the center. Terminal 3 also provides a self-service business center. Concourses E and F are at the opposite ends of the arrivals hall and are reached after separate security checks.

Customs requirements

Just like departures, passengers of all flights arriving at Hollywood International Airport, domestic or international, are subject to TSA security screening upon their entry to the United States. TSA requires a boarding pass or security document at the security checkpoint, as well as a valid government-issued ID or a valid passport for international travelers. All the international passengers must arrive at Concourse H of Terminal 4.

US customs and border protection officers take safety very seriously. First, you’ll need to go through security procedures, such as going through a body-scanner. They may also need to check your bag and personal items. Your immigration status will be confirmed. Follow the designated signs of US Citizens and Non-US Citizens. Travelers going through automated passport control will no longer need to fill out the paper customs declaration form. Those not using the automatic kiosks need to complete a declaration form and provide it along with a valid passport. If you’re transferring to another flight, you need to go through re-checking your bag.

Meeting points

You can find meeting points by the large signs which are located in the terminal Baggage Claim areas. Each sign corresponds to the assigned color of the terminal. The sign for Terminal 1 is yellow, Terminal 2 is red, Terminal 3 is purple, and Terminal 4 is Green.

Currency Exchange

You can exchange currency in Terminal 1 in the pre-security international arrivals area (working hours from 8 am to 8 pm, every day) and Terminal 4, in the Baggage Claim area on the lower level(working hours from 8:30 am to 9 pm, every day).


FLL airport provides free internet access. The service is available in all terminals and Rental Car Center. Your device needs to have a compatible wireless card (802.11b) installed on the computer or other devices to connect to the Wi-Fi. The internet service is free. If you were asked for a credit card number when accessing the internet, please contact FLL customer service. Tel: +1 866 435 9355

Baggage Carts

Baggage carts are available for rental at FLL airport on the upper and lower levels of terminals and garages. The service costs $5; major credit cards are accepted. For more information, contact the number: +1 954 359 0007

Baggage delivery service

Bags To Go company offers luggage delivery service to any cruise ship leaving from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. This service is available to all the passengers arriving at FLL airport. The company has offices in all four terminals in the FLL airport. They work from 9 am to 5:30 pm. Website: www.bagstogo.netTel: +1 954 359 5505


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